Our team – Dr. Caroline Côté, dentist

Dr. Caroline Côté, dentist

Dr. Côté graduated in dentistry from Université Laval and has practiced dentistry since 1999. From the beginning of her career, she has surrounded herself with a solid team that shares her passion for dentistry.

She strives to make dentistry as pleasant as possible for her patients, thanks to her gentle and joyful personality. With her proactive and conscientious nature she will be able to advise you on the quality treatments tailored to your needs.

Dr. Côté is always improving her knowledge and capacity to offer you superior treatments using technologies that have proven to be safe and reliable over time.

Dr. Caroline Côté – Clinique dentaire du Versant Team – Gatineau Outaouais

Dr. Caroline Côté – Clinique dentaire du Versant Team – Gatineau Outaouais

Clinique dentaire du Versant team:

Isabelle Lapointe Legault–Administrator

Josée Bédard- Administrative secretary

Élyssa Lavoie – Dental secretary

Josiane Daniel – Dental secretary

Tina St-Laurent – Dental assistant

Karine Boissonneault-Philippe–  Dental assistant

Mélissa Dagenais – Dental hygienist
Mélissa Davies – Dental hygienist
Raudel Simon – Dental hygienist
Laurence Brunet – Dental hygienist

Natasha Dougan- Dental hygienist

Michel Bossé – Denturist